Pharma stocks available on a lottery, says Jhunjhunwala

Market experts say there is big potential in the pharma space for those with a 

long-term view. “I am bullish on pharma… Indian pharma supplies 40 per cent of American generics and 7 per cent value,” Jhunjhunwala said.

“If this 40 per cent becomes 50 per cent and we have to go up in the value chain, what is going to happen? We should understand that Indian costs are very low, Indian companies are getting size, Indian entrepreneurs have understood the market. Why will these companies not grow? The whole market is an absolute lottery,” he said.

You can select some stocks to add in portfolio. Following points to keep in your mind while selecting a stock.

1. Underperforming stock.
2. Already performed stocks.
3. Correlation in performance of stock with sector index.
4. Correlation in performance of stock with main index.


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